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As the marijuana industry continues to boom, one of the many things that it’s creating is lots of unique jobs for people. From retail shops popping up in certain states and cities around the country to people creating interesting new products that are revolutionizing the way people consume weed, marijuana news is constantly coming out with new things.

And, whether you identify yourself as a stoner, a once-in-a-while kind of user or someone who’s just interested in experimenting with pot, we’ve got some cool marijuana jobs that will take your career higher — get it?!? Talking with some of the leading experts in the industry, we got a bunch of suggestions on what cannabis jobs are helping the popularity of the drug expand even more.

So, instead of looking for a new job that’s boring, unfulfilling and requires you to stare at a computer screen from 9-to-5, take a look at some of the marijuana jobs that will bring a certain spark to your normal work day. Plus, when people talk about a work-life balance, we’d imagine it’s something people in the marijuana industry probably take very seriously, so that’s a definite perk of working at one of these gigs.

  • “Most of us are relatively new to working in cannabis full time, but cannabis and edibles have been a passion of mine for years, so this is like a hobby on steroids. Being able to engage in product development full time is totally rejuvenating for me. I work a full day and still spend hours each night experimenting with new recipes for Betty’s Eddies, Kalm Fusion, and Natures Heritage. It’s very motivating knowing that you are helping people through cannabis.” — Ryan Crandall, VP of Product and Sales for MariMed Inc.
  • “One hand on the handlebar while drinking from a firehose as I and my dozen or so happy warrior colleagues are standing up the highway and bridge pylons, laying the tracks, and installing the traffic lights of what will become the unique banking and financial crypto blockchain infrastructure of this whole amazing transformative disruptive industry is heady stuff indeed. From Woodstock to Millennials the core of this industry are my peeps. I’ll sleep when I’m dead.” — Nathaniel Gurien, CEO of FINCANN
  • “It comes down to working with some of the warmest and most creative people I’ve ever been exposed to. We work hard, but there is a feeling we are part of an important change in the lives of many people. Decriminalizing cannabis and making it part of natural life is gratifying and empowering.” — Gorgi Naumovski, CEO of Thrive

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