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RSO Harle Tsu 500mg Syringe


GOLD LEAF CO2 Cannabis oil is the cleanest form of concentrated cannabis oil available. We grow only the highest pharmaceutical grade quality strains in a clean lab environment with organic methods. To extract the cannabinoids and terpenes from the flower, carbon dioxide is pushed through the plant matter at a high pressure isolating the THC, CBD, and CBN. The end result is beautifully pure, transparent, amber oil that can be smoked or consumed medicinally.

The benefit of using safe Carbon Dioxide as an extraction solvent is that CO2 is a naturally occurring compound, which leaves behind no residues. Other extraction methods such as Butane utilize man-made, synthetic compounds.

Nectar is the purest form of GOLD LEAF CO2 Cannabis oil. We never cut our oil with any other products that could diminish its potency. The end result is a product that is 100% pure, clean CO2 extracted Cannabis Nectar. Each batch of GOLD LEAF Oil is tested and results are labeled. As a natural product, the cannabinoid content will vary between batches. We never “cut” or dilute our cannabis oil with any other substances, therefore assuring the purest, highest quality product.