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Fun?  Absolutely!  We are Thrive!  The happy place!!  

Employment Requirements:

  1. Yes!! I am over 21 years of age or older.
  2. Of course I can and am willing to work day shift, evening shift, night shift, weekends, and possibly holidays.
  3. Sure I’m willing to submit to a background check, no problem!
  4. Traveling for my shifts to different Thrive locations as needed would be fun!
  5. I am absolutely current on court ordered child support payments!!
  6. I am current in the filing of state or federal taxes. Whew!
  7. I agree to the requirement of paying my fingerprint fees and agent card fee. (reimbursable after 60 days of successful employment)
  8. No I have never been charged or convicted of an excluded offense under the Illinois MCPP Act!
  9. I have never had a drug related felony charge or conviction!

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