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WSILTV – Thrive set to open new location in southern Illinois

MT. VERNON (WSIL) — A new, adult-use recreational cannabis dispensary is set to open in Mt. Vernon this month, as Thrive moves one step closer to formal approval for its recreational-use dispensary.

“It’s been a long-time coming, you know, but we wanted to do it right, we’ve got a beautiful facility right here in Mt. Vernon, our contractors did an amazing job with the facility because it wasn’t a brand-new build,” explains Rosie Naumovski, Operations Manager. “We remodeled a former building that, it took a lot of work, but it’s beautiful in the store, I think it turned out really well.” Naumovski adds, the site is ready to receive product and open its doors once the licensing process is complete. COVID-19 slowed the approval process, taking Thrive longer to open their doors.

Mt. Vernon Mayor John Lewis says the city welcomes the new business, adding that another downtown location is in the running for a license. “Our understanding is there were 4,000 applicants for 75 licenses but I think the state is going to announce some of those recipients along about September the 8th,” says Lewis. “So, we’ve got our fingers crossed that Mt. Vernon’s picked again because I’m sure that both of them will thrive right here in Mt. Vernon, Illinois.”

The new location includes COVID-19 social-distancing measures, with the set-up designed to move consumers quickly through the process. The location is for recreational purchase only, and while medical card holders are welcomed, sales will be taxed at the recreational rate.